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Fine Line Collective theatre troupe came together in what seemed like an inevitable collaboration. The members share a common grounding in the language of physical theatre and the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. They also share a wish to create and promote physical theatre in Sydney – their vision of great physical theatre being performances which are immediate to the senses, accessible to many ages and cultures and above all, hugely entertaining.

The ensemble began workshopping in 2009 and in 2010 presented its inaugural production, Walk me! at the Sydney Fringe Festival. The piece sprang from their experimentation as a group; an organic process of sharing stories, lending themselves to their colleagues’ stories to enrich and grow them, exchanging skills and passions and improvising with body, voice and words to create a theatrical world entirely their own. A strong musical vein in the group concurrently produced original songs and music for the devised work.

Walk me! was nominated for the People’s Choice awards in the Sydney Fringe Festival. In 2011 the piece was presented at the Drama NSW Conference. Audience responses to the show are listed below.

The wealth of material created during two residencies means the troupe is confident more stories will be told and more projects will follow. Fine Line intends to develop its vision while promoting its brand of theatre to a large audience of all ages and cultures.

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